Greg Gillis Gets Going Again – Girl Talk Returns to The Palladium

Monday night I had the pleasure of seeing Girl Talk at the Hollywood Palladium. Just in case any of the readers out there are anything like my sister, I’m not talking about the super awesome teenage girl game from the 90’s, though the Girl Talk I am writing about does bring back a different kind of nostalgia. Do you remember in high school when there was that amazing party thrown by one of your friends when their parents were out of town, your best friend was the DJ and it was one of the most epic nights of your teen life? I do, and Monday night Gregg Gillis took me right back to to that high school house party again.

With searing mash ups of the best and most classic songs, he can take you from Deep Purple to Biggie Smalls to Ke$ha to New Order in a span of two minutes. The entire crowd at The Palladium didn’t stop moving all night, sweat and smells be damned! It was as if all of the white people in the room had been practicing their whole lives to dance that night because truth is, they have. Last night was the night when every hipster, square, and business person put their inhibitions aside and showed the moves they had been practicing in their mirrors at home for years. (Don’t lie, I know I’m not the only one who does this.)

The bopping Gillis was flanked by two dozen happily dancing concert goers on stage. Dripping in sweat and shirtless he flowed on from “Every Day” to “On and On” and then to “Let it Out.” As soon as John Lennon’s “Imagine” came in through the sound system the crowd went wild and every one sang in unison while multi-colored balloons fluttered down from the ceiling. Girl Talk is an experience, and though most excellent when jamming at home prepping for a night out, it’s on a whole other level when you’re surrounded by thousands of other bouncing bodies. You may have missed out on last nights show, but lucky for you Gillis will be making his rounds and find his way back to the Hollywood Palladium on the 26th. So don’t miss out, pay the $25 to take the time tunnel back to high school. It’s well worth it.

post by Lauren Lomma

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