Goulding’s "Lights" Blind Boulder Crowd

Having seen Ellie Goulding’s name thrown around the blogosphere for the past few months surrounding the release of her album Lights and the stream of remixes that followed, coming from a slew of big names – from Chiddy Bang to Bassnectar. When I saw that she was coming to Boulder as part of her massive US tour, I was psyched, only to be let down when I learned tickets were sold out weeks in advance. Luckily I found a friend who hooked it up, and I was able to check out Ellie Goulding at the Fox Theatre this past Saturday.

I was perhaps equally pumped to throw on my dancing shoes for the opening band The Knocks, who went onstage promptly at 9:00. I’m a big fan of their music because it’s such a departure from the heavy whomps and aggressive sounds that classify most electronic music these days. The Knocks are just fun to dance to.

Also, unlike most other DJs and Producers, The Knocks use more than just computers and software to make their songs. Their set-up includes keyboards, drums, and other toys they used throughout their performance to add to the jams coming through their computers. The Knocks set included their hit singles “Dancing with the DJ” and “Something to Dance To” along with some pretty awesome remixes including “What’cha Say” by Jason Derulo. For their short 45 minute-ish set, The Knocks kept the party grooving and the bodies moving. Never have I seen the opening act get so much love, and they definitely left the crowd wanting more. I hope The Knocks get a headlining spot the next time around. They deserve it.

After a short break, Ellie Goulding’s band came on stage and started playing “Under the Sheets.” After a few bars, Ellie herself triumphantly joined them on stage. The crowd, admittedly full of mostly teenage girls, went crazy. She followed by going through most of Lights, including the hit title track and “Starry Eyed.” Throughout her set, which lasted a little over an hour, the energy was huge. Ellie did her best to belt out every word, even though she was still recovering from an illness, which forced her to cancel the previous show in Minneapolis.

I’m not quite sure where Ellie Goulding came from but she is turning into a phenomenon over here in the US. She has sold out just about every show across the whole country, people know all of the words to her songs, and the energy, at least in Boulder, was tremendous.

Ellie is going to be a full on pop star soon enough, but I’m a big fan because she’s changing the game. Her music isn’t typical bubblegum pop. Lights is full of everything from slow ballads, to electronic jams, to straight up rockers. Not only does shoe play great music, she will likely be a positive influence on teenage girls growing up with misogynistic and anti-feminist music all around them. I’m excited to see what Ms. Goulding has in store for her next.

Review by Adam Freedman (Colorado)

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