Goldenvoice Supports The Community

You may have seen some vessels for collecting canned food at venues like El Rey Theatre and The Fonda Theatre, and possibly even other shows promoted by the Goldenvoice family. ┬áMaybe you missed them. Either way – keep your eyes on the look out for the rest of November at Goldenvoice shows for opportunities to make some much needed donations to LA’s Food Bank, which helps feed homeless shelters, soup kitchens, senior centers and school programs around the city of angels.

In a month about giving thanks, Goldenvoice is making it easier for you to show your gratitude. You have the good fortune of being able to see amazing music in Los Angeles, and often amazing music curated by the great minds at Goldenvoice. Whether you are winning access to the shows through us, or laying down your hard earned money to get in the doors, no matter how big or small the venue, there will always be those less fortunate than you who are not able to get in. And some of those people who cannot get inside for a concert, also cannot find shelter to sleep or food to eat. Your donations will go a long way toward supporting Los Angeles’ homeless community. Plus, they will make you feel really good about giving.

To learn more about LA Food Bank click here and to catch the next hot Goldenvoice show – check out their full calendar here.

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