Go Vote

I’m not going to tell anyone how to vote or who they should vote for, but I am going to encourage you to vote.  If you have the right to do it, and the time available, there is little reason not to.  At least I don’t think so.  Your vote is your opportunity to shape progress.  If you want to complain about what we do or do not do as a nation or a state or a community – you owe it to yourself to voice your concern through your vote.  Its a bit hypocritical to complain from the sidelines if you haven’t made even the smallest of efforts (voting) to change it.

One vote may not count for some races in some places – but no matter what state or county you sit in, there is some race or some issue that might be contested.  There is some principal or maxim that is being challenged.   Stand up for what you believe in.  

While I might not be the only voice for SUPERGOODMUSIC, I do most of our writing.   I know that anyone who steps through our doors, anyone who wears a SUPERGOOD badge – I truly hope they are about love for all because gay people should be allowed to get married.    Any candidate who opposes gay marriage is not a candidate that SUPERGOOD endorses.  Gay people getting married doesn’t affect anyone’s life other than theirs and the people who attend their wedding.  We shouldn’t deny love to anyone as a society and legally allowing gay marriage probably wouldn’t be a bad thing for society because gay people really know how to party.  

That guides my vote and I hope it guides yours too…

by Brandon Dorsky @boomd @supergoodmusic

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