FUNKMOSPHERE = Weekend Hangover Cure

Did you wake up with a case of the Mondays this week? Pining for the weekend fun that just ended? Wishing you had just one more night to kick it to some good music and have a few libations? If you did, you should have gone to Funkmosphere at Carbon last night. AND, we basically recommend you go there every week…
For 4 years, Dam Funk, the rising Stones Throw artist, has been holding down Carbon in Culver City, CA on Monday nights with a plethora of electro-funk boogie records. B-boys routinely show up to display their talents and battle with both friends and dance foes. 45 fans and electro-boogie-funk lovers line the bar with $5 or less beers and flat brims while they absorb the 70s sounding grooves and observe the flailing bodies on the dance floor. Once the clock strikes midnight, you’re certain to see someone get served – and quite possibly by one of the spectacular b-girls that gracefully whip the competition into shape.

The night is always FREE, and on this particular Monday – the Funkmosphere crew was celebrating Egyptian Lover‘s birthday. As seen above, Peanut Butter Wolf was in the house and spinning the fire for the mostly ‘regular’ crowd along with Dam Funk.
What is remarkable about the Funkmosphere event is that it is an untapped resource of awesomeness; despite its 4 year tenure, the amazing music and ambiance – it doesn’t get to capacity. It certainly gets crowded (usually by regulars) and it can get hot indoors if it weren’t such a cool summer, but there is always enough space for the dancers to put the moves on.

So, if you are looking for something to cure your weekend blues or simply spice up the start of your week – we have no better recommendation than Funkmosphere. If you are looking to meet some cool people and possibly new friends who could teach you some amazing dance moves – go there. The crowd of 21+ electro boogie funk lovers are a friendly bunch; their love for the music is infectious and they are happy to share their appreciation with others. The DJs love for the scene, especially the host’s, is infectious too. The dancing is absolutely breathtaking – it makes you wish you were remotely close to that good. Combine all those elements at a cool, relatively inexpensive bar and you just got one Damn Funky event.
Funkmosphere is a FREE electro-funk boogie event that takes place every Monday at Carbon on Venice Blvd. – 9300 Venice Blvd. FYI, If you were a fan of the old Starshoes bar on Hollywood Blvd. and the funky shows that would go down there with DJ Miles, this is a similar substitute BUT with better dancing.

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