Full House Trap

Full House is long in the past and its hardly in syndication stateside the way it used to be, but Bob Sagat finds plenty of ways to stay in the lime light and John Stamos has defied aging and remained a Hollywood punchline.  They may not be everywhere you go and everywhere you look – but its not difficult to find them.  What you may not have heard of or known to look for is another household of homies – Tycoon and The Mansion Boys.

The esteemed and talented Tycoon (he’s drummed for some heavy hitters like Dr. Dre and is related to Erick “Jesus” Coomes from Lettuce) took inspiration from the 90s sitcom and recruited The Mansion Boys to deliver some Full House Trap.  Who cares about the milk man, the paperboy and evening TV when you’ve got sirens, bass and drops courtesy of Tycoon?!?!? It is appropriately titled “John Stamos.” If this is not an anthem at the next 90′s party you go to – then replace the DJ.  Buy it on I-Tunes.


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