Friendly Fires Show at The Roxy (@ohsheida Reports…)

The Roxy was the perfect venue to set Friendly Fires free as they embarked on a Australia and Singapore tour. From the moment singer Ed Macfarlane (any relation to Seth?) said “We Are Friendly Fires” in his dreamy British accent I was all ears. The talk that surrounded Friendly Fires was everything from “you’re going to have so much fun” to “they are even better live!” and you know what… I did and they are definitely not just a studio band.

Friendly Fires played songs from their upcoming album Pala. It’s riding the funky train to the fresh station. Jump in the Pool lifted my spirits and made standing in bloody* heels worth it. If I had an organized list of top songs this would be around 7 or 8. Words aren’t needed for Paris. Have you listened to the Aeroplane Remix? Google that ish. They slowed it down a bit with Skeleton Boy. Occasionally when a band throws a slower song into their set I’m kinda thrown out of my element but FF’s Skeleton Boy should be hanging in my art gallery. That song is gorgeous.

All in all, I’m glad I decided to bust a mission and see these boys. @Ohsheida is very happy.

Now you wish you could see them? Ok, since you wished and all, they’ll be back in LA June 10th at the Henry Fonda. Don’t say I never did anything for you.

*read with British accent.

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