French Semester’s Residency @ Echo

Tonight, as well as next Monday, The French Semester performs at The Echo as part of their January residency.

The quintet is hot off the release of their EP, “Forces Afield”, which has received mention in the likes of Filter, as well as other publications and is generating international buzz. The psychedelic era indie-rock throwbacks are not only a pleasure to watch – they are a pleasure to talk to. Each one has a very unique background, with Riaz, the lead vocalist, bearing the degrees both JD and PHD. These hipster intellectuals won’t just take you to school on stage, they’d probably school you in the classroom too – as their bassist, Gil, was once a teacher.
With two stellar releases in 2009 (the previously mentioned Forces Afield and their full length Good Friends Only I Could See) can only be a sign of what is to come. SUPERGOODMUSIC wishes the band the best and looks forward to seeing them tonight.
Here is a video of “East Man” from their September 2009 performance at Spaceland.