FREE INDIE MONDAY w/ Risers, Kinch, Jenny O, Lucy Schwartz, Belle Brigade & The Fling

Josh from Risers

Tonight the eastside really is being taken over by phenomenal indie rock. Such good tunes that it would be foolish not to go. Packing in both Silverlake Lounge and The Satellite are handfuls of talent that make most indie-rock loving non Los-Angelenos regret their lack of residency here.

The shows I’m talking about are Risers & Kinch at Silverlake Lounge and Jenny O, Lucy Schwartz, The Fling and Belle Brigade at The Satellite (formerly Spaceland). Both events are FREE!
Risers get things moving at 9 pm at Silverlake Lounge where they will be premiering material from their first EP. I’m looking forward to indulging in a live version of “A Current Affair,” which is probably my favorite track off of their EP. My plan is to stay for Kinch to catch at least one night of their residency, but with Jenny O pulling for my attention and rising start Lucy Schwartz too – it may be tough.
Schwartz and O play supporting roles on The Fling and Belle Brigade’s Monday Night residency – the second to last residency show being hosted by Spaceland Presents. Schwartz is a singer-songwriter who has penned tracks for Shrek films, Grey’s Anatomy and many other popular films/shows. Jenny O represents the crushing vocals behind every Yeah Yeah Yeah’s track you’ve jammed to over the last half decade.
Returning for the second to last week are both Belle Brigade and The Fling. Both have generated considerable buzz from the residency – with The Fling using theirs to compete with Dangerbird labelmates Eulogies and Belle Brigade using theirs to maintain their indie cultural cache.
Regardless of which venue you head to, you’re certain to have a not of good indie at either. If you can be a trooper and hit up both, than you’re more than likely to find me somewhere….

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