FREE DOWNLOAD: “Universe + Me” – Ryan Lofty feat. Rich Jones

Another dosage of tropical house is being served courtesy of Ryan Lofty with his latest original track, “Universe + Me.” Featuring Chicago MC Rich Jones on vocals, the ethereal melody finds a home amongst a progressive, but minimalist drum line.  Beginning with an atmospheric, textured vocal about how things go “on and on and on and on,” the track evolves into a sonic journey with limitless possibilities.   Considering those possibilities may include synchronization opportunities, Lofty’s experience as a composer for Disney and his participation with Future Vega Studios, a full service licensing house, have him strategically positioned to satisfy supervisor demand for Kygo cue replacements.    Looking for some great independent music to use and fully clear?   Especially in the vein of tropical and sunset house?   Reach out to  Looking to catch some beach-y house vibes live?   Head to Mrs. Fish on the 4th of July to catch Lofty alongside Matt DiMona and Signal Froyd.

For now enjoy “Universe + Me” and last month’s “The Mountain”.  If they are harbingers of what’s to come, all we can do is stay glued to Lofty’s Soundcloud page.

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