Fool’s Gold Clubhouse – Volume I

The summer party just got a little hotter and louder with the release of Fool’s Gold Records Clubhouse Volume I.  A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs curated a pre-packaged booty shaking party session on vinyl (or stream or mp3 or CD or whatever format you consume) in Clubhouse Volume I.

Clubhouse Volume I is the alleged beginning of a series of albums and performance events slated to introduce the ever growing EDM community to some of the labels new friends and upstarts.  Enjoy this Tuesday treat that features His Majesty Andre & Elisa Bee, XXXChange, Meech, Peo De Pitte, Jay Robinson, Sammy Bananas, Donovans and more!  If you’re headed to Camp Bisco in July – make sure to peep the debut of their Clubhouse stage, and if not, just wait for it come around to L.A. at Hard Festival!

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