Experience Beats Live with The Gaslamp Killer

The Gaslamp Killer, or Sir William as I like to call him, is an influential pioneer in the LA Beat Scene.   As a key component of the revolutionary Low End Theory scene and a true aficionado and student of music, Gaslamp’s been contributing to Los Angeles sonic renaissance for well over a decade.   After a brush with death from a vehicular accident, Gaslamp birthed the idea of The Gaslamp Killer Experience with a riveting, spiritual, artistic show at The Mayan Theatre.  The energy was palpable the first night he conducted his beatscapes with live instrumentation.

I can only imagine a similar sonic fabric will be woven with the crowd at The Regent Theater on Friday night.  With Matthew David’s Mindflight, Teebs, JROCC and RSI rounding out the line-up, the suggestion to get there early and stay late is really a call to action.  You’d be foolish to miss the beat construction skills that will be on display.   Get your tickets here before it is too late.   If it’s too late for your wallet or you’re just not inclined to go unless you got the hall pass — try entering our contest for FREE tickets by hitting your socials and shouting @RegentTheaterLA @GaslampKiller @SUPERGOODMUSIC #EXPERIENCE or emailing us at contest@supergoodmusic.com!

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