Empire of The Sun Loses U.S. Virginity

The Australian music sensation, Empire of The Sun, have finally made their way to the United States….and they chose LA to be their first epic run of concerts with 4 straight nights at The Music Box.

Having first performed in the states at Lollapalooza on August 6th, Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore are basically virgins to how U.S., no less Los Angeles and the west coast, do our indie electro jams. However, from what I’ve heard, they were prepped to deliver and are performing indie-electro anthems in an atmosphere described as a “a balls to the wall rave party.”

If you think you don’t know this band, you just don’t know them by name. You’ve heard their songs at the club, remixed or not, for the last two years, especially here in LA. I even remember the first time I heard “Walking On A Dream,” I had to know who that was. The Australian duo has been riding in fantasy land ever since their 2008 album, Walking On A Dream, on the strength of the title track, “We Are The People” and “Standing on The Shore.” The latter, which repeats “Don’t want to talk. All I hear is noise,” reflects exactly how I hope to be at their concert.

I’m pretty upset that I am not going to be at Henry Fonda to see any of these local shows. I’m saving my virgin eyes and ears (and my cash) for their Sunday night Outside Lands closing set.

Check out more EOTS music, including lots of remixes, by following links on this hypem search: http://hypem.com/#/search/empire+of+the+sun

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