Eddie Griffin is a Brother

Recently returned home from my first comedy show of 2010 (and also my first trip to the Grove in Anaheim).

For those of you not properly schooled in the use of the “n-word”, go see an Eddie Griffin comedy show and you’ll leave well versed in the variations and different meanings of the word nigga, negro and nigger.


While I thought myself familiar with the lingo, he enlightened me to the difference between a nigga and a nigga nigga, a designation that apparently Obama has now earned, as well as several other developments in n-word usage. Needless to say – there were a couple nuggets to pull away from his ‘n-word’ inspired performance….

1. Avoid all uses of the term if you’re white.

2. Most definitely don’t articulate the r.

3. White people are the new niggers.

Through out his entire performance, Eddie entertained with short spats of C walking and using the microphone to symbolize a penis. While all of the above had us laughing – it was his imitations of Richard Pryor, Bernie Mac and Bill Cosby that really did it for us.

If you appreciate good comedy, enjoy excessive use of the word nigga, like Richard Pryor stories, or just want to see a performer at the top of their game – consider checking out Eddie Griffin when he comes to a theater near you.

BTW – thank you JP for the free tix!