Ebony Bones Surprises Dimmak Tuesday @ Cinespace

Last night, the DIMMAK TUESDAY party at Cinespace got a little bit crazy….and by little bit, I mean very.  The line was the longest I’d ever seen, largely attributable to the Etienne De Crecy performance that was scheduled.  I was amped to see him, even if he was going to play without his digital hollywood squares light box extravaganza.

After coming to early, I split until like 10:20 or 10:30 only to return to a line that was over a half block long on both sides of the Cinespace entrance.  I guess people purchased prepaid tickets out the wazoo – but all for good reason.  I would normally get irritated at having to wait in such a long line for something I’d RSVP’d too – but I happened to meet a really cool girl, Jennifer Shorr, who is doing some interesting work with the people who started http://www.textsfromlastnight.com/ .  (If you haven’t checked out the site – it is absolutely hilarious – it features all the things you wish you could say out loud at a bar, but never would; graphic details of small life events that make them all the more colorful; snide self -deprecating remarks that people might not ordinarily share; etc.)  Be on the look-out for more cool things happening with the textsfromlastnight crew.  
Anyhow, wee got inside at about 11:15, grabbed a drink and made our way to the backroom – where there was a full band set-up.  I had no idea what was about to hit us next, even though I had been tipped off about an alleged Ebony Bones secret show on Tuesday night.  Well – just my fucking luck – it was at Cinespace.  
The UK sensation (who for some reason is not blowing up in the US yet) stormed the stage with their colorful and aesthetically unique stage presence.  The bassist was shirtless with some weird necklaces and hair garb, the back-up singers looked like some combination of oompa-loompas, samurais and geisha, the saxophonist had the craziest drawn on uni-brow I’ve ever seen on a woman and the female lead was just a god-damn bombshell with her turquoise lipstick, fluffy blue shirt and red tights.
The band didn’t all start on stage at once, but rather the rhythm section starting warming the crowd up before the back-up singers took to the stage jumping while blowing their whistles.  This continued for a few minutes before Ebony got up on stage and introduced herself.  
Now, the lead is a beautiful, nubian goddess whose on-stage presence and fashion selection reminds me of M.I.A. and/or Santigold crossed with the lead from Cansei De Ser Sexy.  This girl could wail, dance and look really good while doing it.  Although I am not super familiar with their songs – it was not difficult to get into their groove quickly.  I was two-step-indie tapping for the entire set.
Unfortunately (or fortunately), Ebony Bones was so damn good that they overshadowed the DJs that performed after them until Etienne De Crecy played.  EDC started off sounding dope and I am sure that brought it all night – but I didn’t get to stay until the end.  If anything crazy went down – please, please let me know.