Dr. Dog

This post comes courtesy of one of the more avid music fans I know in L.A., Lauren Lomma. She’s usually on the cutting edge of most things indie-rock and grade A hipster, and that was even before she worked at Filter.

So – Lomma, like many other followers, retweeted some @supergoodmusic tweet and won free tickets to the Dr. Dog show. She just happened to go out of her way to e-mail some thoughts:

When I first heard about Dr. Dog I thought, “oh this must be some super sweet hip-hop dude” – namely because I assumed “Dr. Dog” was some mash-up of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. I was clearly mistaken. If you enter their name into Pandora Radio you’ll be greeted with a plethora of delectable rock n’ roll tunes, including that of The Beatles. The Beatles – who are, let’s face it, rock n’ roll legends. So that fact alone should lead you to believe that if they’re in that good of company then they’ve got to be some pretty cool dudes.

Anyway, I went to Dr. Dog Friday night at The Wiltern and had the fortune of standing behind the most wannabe hipsters in the world. They actually (and I saw this) pretended (yes, pretended) to shoot up heroin mid-dance. Naturally, I asked if they’d let me take a picture of their totally awesome dance moves (I’m rolling my eyes here), but they gawked at me, scowled and declined. Who is she? they said. Ugh, well hipster tool-ettes, I’m the chick who wants to plaster your photo all over the internet, so I can properly out you for being so lame.

But back to the music… Dr. Dog was rad – definitely a great band to see live. They had fantastic energy and a good set list to go along with it. They played a delicious sampling of newer and older tunes that had me bouncing on my feet all night long. In my opinion, it’s always a success when you leave a show feeling more energized than when you had arrived.

In any case, I definitely recommend giving Dr. Dog a listen – on the off-chance that you have yet to be turned on to this psychedelic rock group from Philadelphia. I do not recommend however, thinking that you are “too cool for school” and making pseudo shooting-up gestures in attempt to appear “bad ass.” I assure you that you are not bad ass, but that you are, in fact, just an idiot.

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