DJs Doing Good With Their $$$: Steve Aoki Charitable Fund

Grammy nominated producer and DJ, Steve Aoki, does more than drop beats and excite dance floors — he also drops dollars on philanthropic causes and excites the giving community with his contributions.  His most recent drop – $65,000 via the Steve Aoki Charitable Fund.  Dim Mak label head Steve makes charity, progress and giving back a point of his message – which is why he established the Steve Aoki Charitable Fund, supported by the Creative Visions Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization that supports creative activists who use media and arts as a means for affecting positive change worldwide.

“My philanthropy work is just as important to me as my music,” says Aoki. “I’ve been involved with many charities and non-profit organizations throughout my career, and I always take the time to give back and volunteer when I can.”  In 2013 – Aoki’s tours became a vehicle for positive change when Steve committed to donating at least $1.00 from each ticket sold to hand selected charities – resulting in a $65,000 donation that was split amongst the following 4 charities:

* Brain Preservation Foundation – evaluating “plastination” and “cryonics,” two ways doctors might inexpensively preserve the brain of a dying person

* University of Rochester Medical Center – Memory Care Program, providing diagnosis, treatment, and care of neurodegenerative conditions that affect the elderly and the aging nervous system

*  American Brain Foundation – committed to curing brain disease

*   Infusio – pushing the fusion of cutting-edge science and the newest developments in complementary medicine

When asked why he selected those specific charities, Aoki said “these four organizations represent the best in what they do, and I’m stoked to be working with them.”  In addition to the big pledge, Steve Aoki raised over $10,000 last year in fan contributions via his Steve Aoki’s Birthday for Relief campaign to help victims of the recent Typhoon Haiyan in partnership with Music for Relief—a non-profit charity organization founded by Linkin Park and dedicated to providing aid to survivors of natural disasters and the prevention of such disasters.   The 10K was in addition to a personal donation of $36,000 he made to the relief efforts for a grand total of over $46,000.

Whether you can get behind his drops on the dance floor or not depends on your audio preferences, but you can certainly get behind Steve Aoki’s penchant for philanthropy.  To join the giving party or learn more – visit Steve Aoki Charitable Fund.


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