Dillon Francis’ Mania HIts Fonda Theatre

If you’re not familiar with the phenomenon that is Dillon Francis – I promise you there is a lot to digest. The traveling party maker responsible for “IDGAFOS” and its cult-ish type following has countless remixes under his belt to compliment his growing library of witty web videos. From his DJ Hanzel character,

to Messages PSA  to his Ghost parody with 12th Planet, Francis is proving to be more than just a great producer. Just check out his webstore – where you can hire Dillon to put together your Ikea Bed for a grand, he’ll become a vegan for a year for 40 racks, or he will dress like a pirate, sing a cover and make a video of Katy Perry’s “Firework” for 4 thousand — which is a bargain compared to what the dignity calculator suggests that should cost. For 15 large he will DJ your bar or bat mitzvah — which actually is not such a bad deal considering he is playing multiple nights at Fonda Theatre to close out December.

The 26th thru the 29th, for less than $30, Francis drops filthy beats on Fonda’s floors with help from Anamanaguchi and LOUDPVCK (gLAdiator substitutes for LOUDPVCK on the 27th). Get your tickets here while you still can (27th and 28th already sold out)!


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