Diamond Rings Special Affections Re-Release Party

SUPERGOODMUSIC was lucky enough to attend the Diamond Rings record re-release party for Special Affections hosted by Flaunt Magazine in Hollywood on Wednesday evening. Not having been previously exposed to his music, we were eager to hear what the buzz was all about.

A small stage set up featured a computer, drum machine, keyboard, guitar and a few other pieces of equipment. Where as I thought that Diamond Rings could possibly be a full band (I went in without any prejudices or information), alas, Diamond Rings is comprised of a solo John O’Regan.

His talents for playing a variety of musical instruments, in addition to vocals, are truly impressive. John O cranks out poppy, electro beats that made the entire room dance. Not only does Diamond Rings encompass a fun, dance vibe with his music, he also sings and brings a very emotional and real quality to his performance. Unfortunately, the sound quality was not up to par at this small bar (Paul & Allen) hosting the event and it was difficult to make out the words John O was so passionately singing.

My favorite songs were the ones that included John O playing eclectic guitar over looped keys and electronic beats. Highlighted by great melodies – the compositions showcased his talent and incorporated lyrics that were easier to decipher.

In addition to auditory satisfaction, a Diamond Rings performance is certainly something to be seen. John O dons a sort of 80’s style wardrobe, complete with mohawk, red leather jacket, impressively done makeup and blue nail polish. The overwhelmingly hipster crowd clearly not only enjoyed his show – but also his outfit. I even spoke to a guy who had been following Diamond Rings for over a year and told me that he liked the “underground quality” to the performer.

Despite the fact that people were smoking inside the performance (hello 1998?), it was a very enjoyable performance, complete with a variety of sounds, plenty of dancing and vocals that were sung with a more authentic quality than I’ve seen in a while. Diamond Rings is currently touring, but is definitely worth a look the next time John O returns to the city of Angels.

post by Stephie Bri

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