Dave Matthews Band: 09/09/09 The Greek Theatre, Los Angeles

Last night I attended the Dave Matthews Band as they played The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. After seeing my first DMB show at the Outside Lands Music Festival two weeks, I was eager to see how they are in a normal concert setting. Photography was prohibited at the show last night, some people got kicked out for taking pictures, so I didn’t risk it.

First things first, for anyone living in the Los Angeles who has never been to a show at The Greek than I suggest that you head over to their official website to see who is going to be coming their soon because it is now my favorite venue in Los Angeles. It is located up in the hills in the same area as the Griffith Park Observatory, making it a secluded venue that is engulfed in a sea of trees. The whole vibe up there is something to behold for yourself, so I recommend all SUPERGOODMUSIC fans to get there as soon as possible.

As for the show itself, it wasn’t as good as the show I saw at Outside Lands. I’m no superfan, but I was with two friends who are, and they told me that the show was all over the place and too heavy on new material (9 out of the 20 songs were new). Another aspect that brought down the show was the crowd, which wasn’t as into it as I would’ve expected since this was a 5,000 seat theatre that I thought would be filled with hardcore fans. There were numerous times during the show where large portions of the crowd would get up and make their way to the concession stands or bathrooms. One aspect that helped me to enjoy the show was that a lot of the setlist was similar to the one at Outside Lands, so I was more familiar with more of the songs than I expected. One of the major highlights of the show last night came during the song “Lying In The Hands of God,” when a flutist by the name of Nestor Torres came out and blew away the audience with his ability, it was unlike anything that I had seen before.

Overall, I enjoyed myself for three reasons. First, the venue, which I can’t stress how amazing it is to see a show at The Greek. Second, I’ve seen a lot of live music in my life, and even though I am not a huge Dave Matthews Band fan, I must admit that they give everything at their shows. You know if you pay to attend a concert of theirs that you will get your moneys worth because they are the kind of band that pours their heart out onstage every night. And last but not least, the company. Going to concerts with people you love always makes for a great evening.

Here is the setlist from last nights show:

Don’t Drink the Water
Stay Or Leave
You Might Die Trying
Shake Me Like a Monkey
Lying In the Hands of God
Why I Am
Funny The Way It Is
Where Are You Going
Alligator Pie
Dancing Nancies
So Damn Lucky
You and Me
Grey Street
Jimi Thing

Baby Blue
The Maker
Tripping Billies

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