Crutch Copy

So, I’ve been rocking it at a few shows now with crutches. First it was Raphael Saadiq at House of Blues, then Greyboy All-Stars at the Troubadour, then Cut Copy at Henry Fonda (not really – boo the fire marshall) and tonight was Cut Copy at Club Nokia.

I think I am really starting to perfect the crutch boogie. I can jump on one foot and sway my crutches around; I can do the dip in the crutches and the butterfly; I can do a pseudo lawn mower; I can do the air pump; I can pump the crutch in the air….all in all, I’m pretty versatile.

Tonight’s Cut Copy show gave me the opportunity to bring out the full repertoire of moves.

Matt & Kim opened and were surprisingly good. They moved the crowd, were fun to listen to and they had a great energy. Matt seemed particularly excited to be in L.A. I walked into the venue to them starting a rendition of Dead Prez’s “Hip-Hop” and was absolutely stoked. They certainly did not disappoint. That said, I thought Matt spoke a little bit too much to the crowd.

After an extensive break, Cut Copy finally came to the stage. Interestingly enough, they opened with their top hit “Hearts on Fire.” While I was pleased to hear it, I was surprised it was the opener. They weaved in and out of some new and older material for a while.

The crowd was jamming, particularly two young hipsters in matching hoodies who were clearly drunk and overly fascinated with my crutches. They got all up in my face and started dancing around me. It was kind of funny. Their excitement got me a bit more amped and I began dancing more near the people around me. Several people were impressed with my crutch skills. One man was so impressed he bought me a gin and tonic.

“Satellite” was the next song I truly could identify, and that was about mid-way through the set. The show continued in much the same way it began – high energy, followed by a brief lull, followed by more high energy….but none of the songs really killed. There were a few that got me moving a bit more, but nothing that made me want to go crazy.

The show was brief, and when the encore came around – they played two songs, but no ‘Lights and Music’ and I was furious. I actually started yelling “Lights and Music’ as encore song 2 was ending because I could not believe that they might not play it. Maybe they always intended to play it, maybe they heard Crutchy Hopkins cries for relief…either way, they broke into “Lights and Music” and it was incredible. I danced with the whole surrounding crew and when the song was over, marched my way down the stairs on one good foot :)

All in all, an excellent concert night!

BUT, last night, I didn’t even get in because the fire marshall wouldn’t let anyone else in the door. If you happened to be one of the concert goers trying to get into the Henry Fonda and got denied, please please contact me. I am trying to get our money back for the tickets. The more injured people I have, the better.