Crash Kings Grace The Roxy

Uploading a video of their performance of “Saving Grace” last night at The Roxy right now, we just had to upload a few pictures, taken by Brandon “Boom D” Dorsky, of this amazing (and rising) trio too.

Their songs are performed with a passion, the wa-wa hohner is fun to watch, and the band is tightly knit. KROQ often knows what’s up when it comes to the indie rock scene and last night at The Roxy was no exception.

Crash Kings are great – and their over hour long show solidified why we had them play our 10 Days of 2010 earlier this year, and why we went to see them at SXSW and why we will go see them the next time they are in town. Their shows are fun, sweaty, sexy and filled with rock n’ roll flavor, both old and new as evidenced by their top notch Hendrix cover last night.

The trio know how to channel energy, keep a crowd focused and deliver the supergoodness.

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