Cover Jams: Pink Talking Fish @ Teragram Ballroom (10/19)

ptfgow10.19.16 cover photo

Looking for a crunchy crowd to wax nostalgic with as you sing along to music you used to get stoned to (or still get stoned to)?   Look no further than SUPERGOODMUSIC and Spin Cycle Presents Teragram Ballroom’s cover extravaganza on October 19th featuring the jam stylings of Pink Talking Fish, who will deliver a curated mix of Pink Floyd, Talking Heads and Phish cover music.    The hybrid tribute fusion act is spearheaded by Particle’s founding bassist, Eric Gould.   PTF will be laying sounds down for $20 (or less if you buy in advance) on Wednesday October 19th.

San Diego’s Brothers Gow have been tapped into for warm-up support – a special treat for SoCal jam band fans.

Dust off a Stop Making Sense costume and get Halloween into high gear early or just come and boogie with a wookie.  Win tickets to the show by sharing this article on social media and tagging us (@SUPERGOODMUSIC) or emailing

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