Countdown to Lightning in a Bottle

As your anxiously anticipating the day you return to Bradley, CA to discover newly minted structures like the Beacon, a glimmering lake bed and friends old and new at this year’s Lightning in a Bottle – take your time to catch up on the musical menu and other activities available in 2017 that perhaps may not have been available before (you can swim!).   The 10th year brings an expanded art experience, dubbed Lightning in a Paintcan, that will feature festival favorites like Benedigital and Brad Rhadwood as well as some other informative art experiences (check out the Bee thing).

As much as Lightning in a Bottle is about the experience and the community, it’s also about the music.   Headliners like Bassnectar, Bonobo and Rufus Du Soul are probably already on your radar, but some SUPERGOOD supporting acts we’d recommend you familiarize yourself with this week include Wafia, Eagles & Butterflies, Cri and Too Many Zooz.   Get too listening…

Wafia (Lightning Stage)

Eagles & Butterflies (The Woogie)

Cri (Thunder Stage)

Too Many Zooz (Grand Artique)

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