Converse’s Three Artists, One Song Births an F’ing Miracle

Gorillaz really dropped a gem on the music world today with the revelation that their “Three Artists, One song” partnership with Converse yielded a new song called “DoYaThing” featuring Damon Albarn with James Murphy and Andre 3000. Had you called me yesterday and said – want to check out this new song by Gorillaz, LCD Soundsystem and Outkast - I would have smacked myself in the face to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Turns out dreams can come true… on February 23rd – when the song will be available for free download via Converse’s website.

Initial feedback from The Sun’s Bizzare blog sounds promising as they noted the beat resembles tracks from Plastic Beach and reported that “Damon must have been inspired by Andre because he raps rather than signs the opening two verse himself. James then sings on a chorus before Andre takes over, singing and rapping in impressive fashion.”

In conjunction with the whole campaign – Gorillaz Jamie Hewlett designed four different Gorillaz converse shoes – which you can also see on Converse’ site.

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