Converse Rubber Tracks Studio and Tour Come to L.A.

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Converse Rubber Tracks recently announced Torches, The Castagne’s, Ghettoplex, Gaslamp Killer, and Young Creatures as the Los Angeles locals chosen to record for free in their state-of-the-art pop-up studio.  The Converse Rubber Tracks program began three years ago as a way to support musicians who may not otherwise be able to afford studio time.  The LA pop-up studio is located downtown at The Fortress Studios and the bands will retain all the rights to their music.   This year marks the first time they’ve launched a national tour to coincide with the pop-ups; the show is at the Echoplex this Thursday, November 6, 2014 featuring Deafheaven and LA locals, Haunted Summer. Haunted Summer had this to say about it:

“We are really excited to be part of The Converse Rubber Tracks Live Tour,” said John Seasons of Haunted Summer. “We had a really amazing experience recording in the studio with the Converse Rubber Tracks team and now to be selected by Deafheaven to join the tour, it’s just been awesome. Converse Rubber Tracks has been a really great opportunity for us to create music and also perform in front of new audiences.”

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It’s exciting to see a company support upcoming artists.  In a changing music industry, musicians need as much help as they can get to reduce costs and increase exposure.   It would be great to see every major company have a similar program and increase their cultural contribution and exhibit the excitement that Jed Lewis, Converse Global Music Marketing Director, shares.  In relaying that enthusiasm, Jed said “we’re excited to bring Converse Rubber Tracks back to Los Angeles with our national tour and pop-up studio. Los Angeles is filled with extraordinary talent and we look forward to giving local, aspiring musicians the opportunity to take their craft to the next level.”

Check out the show this Thursday and keep up with the local artists to catch the music they produce through the Converse Rubber Tracks program!

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