Colorforms and Choose Your Own Adventure: Tokimonsta’s "Clean Slate" Video

Tokimonsta, one of the baddest B’s in the production game, took her creative chops to a new level this week dropping a Choose Your Own Adventure-esque, color forms reminiscent, comic book feeling music video for “Clean Slate.”  The Half Shadows single features Gavin Turek and the two of them play around on green screens while the viewer selects which creatures to populate the landscapes.  Play in Jennifer ‘s fantasy land here.


You can also play around with Queen Tokimonsta on Tuesday July 9th at Echoplex – where she headlines a healthy Check Yo Ponytail 2 bill that also includes Pipes, Brooke Candy and newcomer $o Japan – an emerging trap-esque producer.  It will be Toki’s first LA show since her album release, and first show in the states since returning from her first Australian tour.  Don’t miss out – get your tickets here!



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