Coachella 2009

Coachella 2009 came and went rather quickly. Before I knew it, it was over.

I had a blast, but I must admit that this was my least favorite Coachella yet. Overall, the entirety of the line-up did not really pack the punch of the last two festivals, especially when you consider the headliners. I don’t know what demographic Coachella is now trying to target, but at some point they missed the point by trying to cover too much territory.

That said, I did have a few highlights worthy of mention:

- Etienne De Crecy (or however you spell his name) and his hollywood squares lightshow superbox were absolutely incredible. Probably the most entertaining performance, overall, in my opinion.

- Atmosphere had the best musical performance. No surprise there as Slug continues to master the art of performing over live instrumentation and a DJ at the same time. His eloquence on the microphone is truly unrivaled at this point in time, although there are several MCs whose performances are close to as exhilarating.

This is Atmosphere opening with GOD LOVES UGLY:

This is Atmosphere performing SUNSHINE

- The Dome out front quietly hosted some of the dopest DJs and electronic artists around – including Daedelus, LA Riots and Steve Aoki.. It is a shame that The Dome was not closer to the middle of the festival grounds.

- N.A.S.A. has some of the funkiest stage performance I’ve seen recently – the girlbots with their green skin and red hair, the weird looking aliens and the structure the artists perform in all enhance their concert experience.