Club Nokia is A New Top L.A. Venue

Went to Club Nokia’s opening on Sunday night for Beck, and it was a great experience. Beck opened with “Loser” to a sold-out crowd. But, the venue didn’t even feel packed. The planners of Club Nokia did a great job arranging the dance floor and upstairs to maximize comfort and concert experience. (the only biff is that the columns on the dance floor seem to be a bit larger than necessary and tend to obscure views from directly behind the columns)

Beck’s performance reached a peak when every band member came to the front of the stage with handheld drum machines and headsets and broke into “Hell Yes.” We were boogying like no tomorrow (we meaning me, Dylan, Elisa, Camille, Nate, Danny and their friend John).

I am already looking forward to going back to this venue. Definitely a great place to see a show. Lupe Fiasco is playing tonight (for those who are interested, I know someone with extras). Matisyahu and Flobots play on 11/18. Nas plays 11/26. The Wreck The Halls show with Bloc Party, Black Kids, CSS and The Pretenders is on 12/10. Don’t miss your chance to go to this venue in it’s inaugural season!