Cisco Adler Interview/Performs Tonight

In anticipation of his Saint Rocke performance tonight and release of his first solo record “Aloha” – we caught up with California native Cisco Adler about this beachy vibes, star studded career and what he does for Fourth of July….
SUPERGOOD: What are you most excited about at this point in your career? 
CISCO:  After years of producing and working with all the amazing artists I have had
the pleasure of rocking with, it feels freeing to step out and make an album for myself.
I’m excited about the possibilities.

SUPERGOOD: What has been your biggest accomplishment?

CISCO:  Too many to list.  Every one is a stepping stone to the next. 
I’m concentrating on what WILL be my biggest accomplishment. 

SUPERGOOD:  Where are some of your favorite places to perform?  Have you played at Saint Rocke before?  

CISCO:  Red Rocks was AMAZING!!! The Greek in Berkeley. But I also dig the White Rabbit in San Antonio. Its a dirty little rock club and the kids go bananas!  This will be my first time at Saint Rocke but I have heard amazing things!  

SUPERGOOD: Anything special tonight’s attendees should know about?

CISCO:  First ten people in line get Bananabeat Snapbacks!  (get your tickets here)  

SUPERGOOD: What did you do for the 4th?  Do you have a tradition?  What is your best fourth of july memory?

CISCO:   Got drunk.  Got stoned.  Ate well. Watched Fireworks. 

Made love. Slept amazing!  That’s my tradition every year.

SUPERGOOD: If there is one thing you’ve learned from being an artist – what is it?

CISCO:  Listen to your soul, not the voices in the background or the ones in your head.
Truth always wins and the blues never lose!

SUPERGOOD:  What artists are you most into right now?  DO you have a favorite song at the moment?

CISCO:  I love Mod Sun. i just produced his EP Happy As Fuck and he is on Warped (with Kosha Dillz, Machine Gun Kelly, Dead Sara and more) all summer.

He is the happiest dude on earth and an amazing rapper that will open peoples minds to
a new way to look at rap music. Pushing things forward.

SUPERGOOD:  Anything planned for the rest of 2012 that you want your fans to know about?  

CISCO:  Fall tour. Get the EP 

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