Chromeo at The Key Club – FOR REAL

Write it in your calendars folks – Chromeo is playing at the Key Club on Thursday January 22nd.  Yeah – the proficient (and funky) pop-synth-hop duo is going to smash through L.A. in the smallest venue they’ve played at in over a year.  The Key Club, on Sunset, holds less than a 1,000 and these guys are coming off a year where their music was heard on the radio and in clubs across the world…not to mention getting hooked up with a few advertisement synch license contracts where I am sure they got hella paid.

Tickets went on sale this morning.  I copped 8 if you are looking for one.  My suggestion is buy them before they sell out…because they will.
Speaking of selling out tickets, one person who is not selling out is B.B. King at Club Nokia on December 27th and 28th.  I got hit up with a buy 1 get 1 free offer today, a mere week before those shows.  He is a legend.  I can’t believe they are offering this, and yet I still am unlikely to go because I don’t know who would go with me.  B.B. King is a legend, but he no longer shakes your bones.  You have to want to see him, and if you have seen him recently and you don’t love the blues….you may not want to that bad.  If you’ve never seen him, there is probably a reason you haven’t….so cheap tickets won’t convince you to go.  That is the problem as I see it.
One group that should be selling out tickets is Nightmares on Wax – playing Monday February 2nd at the Echoplex.  I just copped mine.  They are dope.  That is really the best way to describe their tunes.  If you dig hip-hop, funk, soul or all of the above, you’ll probably get down to some NoW.  They recently released a new record, but I think a good sampling of their style can be found on My Definition: Nightmares on Wax.   Check it out if you can, and then pick up the tickets…
I’ve heard good things about the new Common.  I’ve only grabbed a few tracks, but I intend on buying the album tomorrow and rocking out to it for the rest of 2008.  I will post with an update after its been listened to and digested….