Chris Webby at Key Club (Review)

This is my first post on SUPERGOODMUSIC, so thought I would let you know a little about what I enjoy about attending music shows – I love when I see people moving around, specifically if they are waving their arms in the air, dancing or just singing along.

I have always had mixed feelings with Chris Webby, consistently going back and forth with following him on twitter. However seeing him live at The Key Club on Wednedsay, my feelings sort of stayed the same. I hate to like the kid, but he’s a good rapper.

At times being among the all ages crowd made me feel like I was seeing Chris “Baby” instead of Webby but the kid can hold his own with catchy songs like “I Need A Dollar” and “La La La”. However he also lost interest in me and other fans when he played “ADD” and the songs that followed. His other highlights might have been the support he had on stage with R & B vocalist Miss Deja doing hooks on a couple tracks and DJ Semi opening/hyping Webby up with a quick 3-5 minute DJ set.

Overall Webby had real good stage presence, got the crowd engaged several times but also had some yawners during his hour long set. Yet, I found some new favorites after hearing him perform. So if I had to put a value on his performance, I would say it would be worth seeing Chris Webby for $15 or less. Here’s three of my favorites Webby performed.

Mac Miller – I Need A Dollar ft. Mac Miller

Chris Webby – Get Down ft. OnCue

Chris Webby – La La La

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