It is hard to believe it has only been two weeks since the re-inauguration of Check Yo Ponytail. CYP2 returned raucously – backed by Media Contender and IHEARTCOMIX, with a headlining performance from Midnight Juggernauts. They aren’t slowing down at all with this weeks installment.

To make sure all the heads return to the room – they’ve returned a fortnight later and recruited Big Freedia to make sure there is “Azz Everywhere” at the Echoplex. If you don’t already have plans – you would be foolish not to consider going. Pipes, Hawnay Troof, Rusty Lazer and Papparazzi also perform.
And…..if you aren’t extremely lazy – you can participate in our ticket giveaway and you might win a pair of tickets. You can enter on twitter (mention @supergoodmusic & @checkyoponytail) on facebook (go to our page and make a CYP2 Related Comment) or e-mail Winners will be notified in the early afternoon.

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