Celebrating Nick: Everyman’s Pumpkin Tribute Set at Coachella

Evan “Everyman” Shafran takes to a Coachella stage today for the first time in his career filled with a hurricane of emotions. While the mid-day performance at The Do Lab is a momentous occasion in his developing career as a DJ and MC — the performance also carries the weight of paying tribute to his best friend and long-time Little Giants collaborator, Nicholas “Pumpkin” Alvarado. The spectrum of emotions are thick – from joy to sorrow, excitement for the future to longing for the past, warmth, joy and love to loneliness and sadness. The vibes will be thick with Pumpkin nostalgia and there are rumors of circus performers and debuts of previously unreleased Pumpkin material. If you want to get your Coachella party “hearted” right — kick it off with Everyman at The Do Lab stage at 3:15 on Friday April 15th!

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