Cee-Lo, Diners and "Fuck You"

I loved this song’s video when it was words just scrolling across a screen – now that it has live people and is a pictorial history of Cee-Lo’s youth, it is only better. This song is infectious, the video is clever and it is officially on repeat in our office.
Kind of funny that Cee-Lo comes up with another video staged in a diner. Also kind of amazing that he’s droped the catchiest song since Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy.” Hopefully this one won’t get old and out of style before The Lady Killer’s album release because (1) it probably won’t be all over the radio and (2) not everyone can cover it because the vocals take more talent to execute.
Thank you Cee-Lo. We’ve loved you since Goodie Mob!!!!! And, speaking of Goodie Mob, does anyone else recall the last music video where Cee-Lo was in a diner, the exceptional 90′s song “Soul Food”? Just as southern, but not as sad of a song.

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