Catching Up With Turquoise Jeep


Some might call them funny rappers, some might call them parody or satirical rappers, some may just refer to them as musicians, and others might completely disagree.  One thing that is not disputable though – is that the gentlemen behind Turquoise Jeep Records are entertainers.  In the past year they’ve visited Los Angeles to perform at Santa Monica’s The Central SAPC (R.I.P.) and The Roxy.   On September 8th, they return to the streets of L.A. for a performance at Molly Malone’s (buy tickets here).  The announcement of the show at the not typical destination for rap music got me curious just what these guys think of L.A. – so we put Flynt Flossy on the SUPERGOOD hot seat for 7 questions.


Brandon Dorsky (  What did you do last time you were in Los Angeles?

Flynt Flossy (Turquoise Jeep):   Well last time I was in LA we were rocking at the Roxy, it was Live baby! We did some recording and filming as well but this time i plan to hit the beach. LA definitely is one of my favorite spots but I’m always working when I’m out there, gotta sit back and enjoy the beauty of California this time, feel me Baby.

Brandon Dorsky (  What’s been the craziest thing that has happened to Turquoise Jeep in 2013?

Flynt Flossy (Turquoise Jeep):  Wow umm…I dont think Im able to say in this interview haha. Lets just say none of us had any idea of how much we were adored by our lady fans. WOW and the things there willing to do just to chill
backstage whoa!

Brandon Dorsky ( How do you feel about playing The Viper Room?

Flynt Flossy (Turquoise Jeep):   Oh real good! is always dope to play somewhere new.  What more can you ask for. Like I said in our song (Gotta go to Cali ) “I get weak knees for chicks in Chuck tees , tight jeans, wet tees, or bikinis” so true!

Brandon Dorsky (  Why did you choose the support that is playing your show to play your show?

Flynt Flossy (Turquoise Jeep): Well I actually didnt choose them. So I’m in for a surprise myself, but we’ve had a lot of fly opening acts so I’m sure it’ll be dope.

Brandon Dorsky ( What are you going to eat while you’re in Los Angeles?

Flynt Flossy (Turquoise Jeep): Well there’s this Vietnamese spot I always love swinging through, In and out burger that’s automatic, I loove them milkshakes baby! Last but not least Fish Dish! Every time we land in LA the first thing the crew says is ” Find a Fish Dish! “

Brandon Dorsky ( You got any new material coming out/recently out?

Flynt Flossy (Turquoise Jeep):  Oh for sure! Were always working…Well this year we came out with singles like “Treat Me Like a Pirate” , “I Want Pie” and “Taste You like Yogurt”. Which is currently in rotation on the national television show Rage in Australia. Our next single will be “Naughty Farmer “ so stay on the look out for that !

Brandon Dorsky ( What do you like to see the crowd do at your shows?

Flynt Flossy (Turquoise Jeep):   Really just having fun and enjoying themselves. I like to think of our concerts as an escape from reality an outer body experience, feel me baby. Its always a rush for me to see a fan reciting your lyrics looking like they don’t have a worry in the world at that particular moment…So dont think too hard, dance and take someone home that night ha!

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