Burning Down The House

I know this is late, but forgive me….David Byrne @ The Greek Theatre was incredible! A triple encore!?!?!?! I’m not exactly sure I have ever been to a show where the artist left stage and returned three separate times.

Sure, I’ve been to shows where “the last song” or “encore” was 5 songs….but those are fucking L.A. indie rock shows where the headliner only plays for 45 minutes, leaves stage for 1 and then returns to say it is their “last song”…and then proceeds to play another 20 minutes. Who the fuck only plays for 45 minutes when the ticket is over $30 with fees?!?!?! You owe more to your customer (fan) than that and a minimum of a hour of playtime should basically be expected from a headliner. But, David Byrne far surpassed that; he played for an hour and 45 minutes total.

Not only did the main man do a 5 song triple encore, but he straight rocked out like “Stop Making Sense.” Sure, they didn’t play that song, but his performance was exceptional like the film. He favored doing more Talking Heads music then stuff from the new Eno and Byrne record. Byrne delivered what the crowd wanted. He played “Cross-eyed” and “Take Me To The River”… but as part of the triple encore he played “BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE” which is not even an ENO AND BYRNE song, it is off of Speaking in Tongues.

I never expected that coming into the show and it totally rocked the crowd. Everyone knows the lyrics to that song. What a crowd pleaser. I wish I could see David Byrne every Friday night.