Breaking Out: Brooklyn’s Baby Brother

Blues and punk meet pure rock in Baby Brother’s debut album, Strange Things. They are a Brooklyn-based band whose tunes pay homage to their current city while staying true to the roots from which they hail.

On Strange Things you can hear influences from big names such as The Ramones, Richard Hell, and John Lennon (circa the Double Fantasy album). It’s rock ‘n’ roll and it’s raw, no electro pop fusion here – the music is as naked and honest as the subject matter. Their lyrics pine and whine about love and loss, fucking up, having your heart broken, getting mad, going mad and being hopeful.

Their twangy rhythms and bluesy vocals are off-set by the sporadic appearance of heavy power chords and quick, harsh tempos. Most of their songs clock in at about three minutes leaving no time for drawn-out gimmicks. Instead Baby Brother pay tribute to the past few generations by hitting upon the three major music markers of the last century: blues, punk and rock ‘n’ roll.

Big Brother may be watching you, but Baby Brother is the one to watch. Their debut album Strange Things is currently available on iTunes with their follow-up album set to be released at the end of this year, and if it’s anything like their first, it is sure not to disappoint.

Review by Lauren Lomma

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