Bonobo/Tokimonsta on Black Friday

On Friday night big names were glowing on the marquees of Los Angeles. Dawes was back in town at the El Rey. Pretty Lights was rolling hard at the Wiltern, and Bonobo assembled an orchestra for his show at the Music Box. You can only imagine the struggle I went through to decide which one of these events to attend. Thanks to SUPERGOODMUSIC, no blood was lost during my internal battle.

Friday, 9:15 PM rolls around. I arrive at the Music Box and the line has reached around the building. The “think before you print” mantra saves the earth but wastes my time. Not having a hard copy of my ticket set me back 40 minutes due to will call moving slower than my lazy brother. (love you!) I shouldn’t even be complaining – I was on guest list. Ha!

Once inside I was greeted with straight up noise. Tokimonsta was rocking her groove and, despite technical difficulties, she kept the crowd warm. Her transitions kept you on your toes; some of her mashups came from left field – but the shakers loved it. Its nice to see a girl DJ every once in a while. Represent.

However, every damn person in that theatre was there to see one man and one man only, Simon Green. You know him better as Bonobo. Correction – you had Bonobo (a full band + then some). A keyboardist/synthesist, drummer, vocalist, harpist, saxophonist and other wind instruments I won’t even attempt to name, all enveloped the stage and made sweet music like it was nobody’s business. This guy has been jamming for a decade; you can hear his soul hasn’t aged a beat.

His sound is fresh and clean. SO fresh and so clean. Bonobo manipulated live instruments while people would walk on & off stage depending on whether or not a song required their talent. Every so often he came out and played his acoustic & the crowd would go nuts. The man conducted hue musicians & your emotions to give you a beautiful – never to be forgotten – Bonobo experience.

- post submitted by Sheida Mohammed (@ohsheida); THANKS SHEIDA

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