Betty Who’s RCA Deal Unrelated to Viral Video

Despite the viral frenzy over Spencer’s Home Depot Marriage Proposal video that featured Betty Who‘s “Somebody Loves You,” the artist’s recent signing to RCA allegedly is completely independent of the massive uptick in demand. According to a Billboard article – the label and Australian based songwriter had been in negotiations for several months.

Although both parties site that a deal was well in the works, Who herself admits that the response to the video made it “apparent that [she] needed to move quickly and link up with a team that would help [her] get the music to as many places as possible, as quickly as possible.”   Former Los Angeleno turned NYC A & R, Lindsey Cook applauded the signing, acknowledging that “Betty Who spreads an overwhelming feeling of happiness wherever she goes.”

For now enjoy the marriage proposal video that has made Betty Who gaymous, look for her forthcoming release on RCA in the coming months.



Photo by Kyle Dean Reinford

Post by Brandon Dorsky, Esq.

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