Best Music Video Of 2019: “Where We’re Going” – DAE (Disguised As Earthlings)

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Roughly a decade ago, SUPERGOODMUSIC released “Pumped Up Kicks” via our Concert Blast newsletter boasting of the songs potential and announcing it should be nominated for a Grammy.¬† Our work and strategic marketing propelled then unknown indie group, Foster The People, to some of their initial successes; within a couple of months, the band signed a multi-album record deal and our Grammy prediction proved to be accurate.¬† ¬†Serendipitously, one of Foster The People’s original members and supremely talented producer/artist Zach “Reazon” Heiligman, is back in the Grammy ether with his new alt-pop project DAE (Disguised as Earthlings).

DAE’s “Where We’re Going” is on the ballot for best music video, and deservedly so.¬† The video sees vocalist and co-writer Lwam Tecle dance through a Pro Tools file in a stop-motion animation sequence that must be seen to fully comprehend. Reminiscent of other boundary pushing music videos like A-Ha‘s “Take On Me,” Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer” and The White Stripes‘ “Fell In Love With A Girl” it should be in any best of 2019 music video list for its creativity alone. What is even more amazing is that Reazon, a musician by training, also conceptualized, produced, directed and edited the video within his ProTools software. We cannot wait to see what is on the horizon for Reazon and DAE, but we truly hope it includes a Grammy award for “Where We’re Going.

If you are a voting member of the Grammy’s, we strongly encourage you to show your support for the independent music community and artists that push boundaries by voting for DAE’s “Where We’re Going” in the music video category.

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