Behind The Lyrics – Toot It & Boot It by YG

The frequently quoted radio hit “Toot It and Boot It” has been around for quite some time now – long enough to elevate it into the realm of hit hip-hop song, and long enough to warrant a closer look at what the song is really talking about.

Like many chart toppers, the song popularized a catchphrase – this one “toot it and boot it” which DOES NOT mean farted and vomited. Those down with street culture know the reference and probably understand the song – but not everyone is so I’m here to break down the song for you…

The easy going hipster-hop anthem tells a tale of a man meeting a woman on the first night, taking her home for intercourse and asking her to leave afterward.

The song introduces the protagonist, presumably YG, in the opening chorus. He is at the club trying to meet women. After successfully meeting said woman, he convinces her to go to his abode (“crib”) by saying hello (“wassup”). Rather than leave something to the imagination, the protagonist confidently lets us know that he successfully got laid (“know I fucked” or, for the radio version, “know I f…d”). After fornicating or “toot(ing) it” the protagonist than kicks the female out or “boot(s) it.”

If you were wondering how the story man conquered the booty, YG quickly tell us in the first verse that it was because the female found him attractive and desired to copulate. Our confident protagonist believes he is superior, but is nonetheless willing to engage in sexual relations with this woman. After the female expresses her desire to have the protagonist engage in intercourse with her, he accepts the invitation by giving the female permission to “run it.”

YG reminds his audience that he is able to get women easily (“yo I’m a pimp bitch straight game never no sipping”). He also illustrates the size of his genitals through verbal imagery and recollections of the female having difficulty walking post coitus (“and after we did it she was walking with a limp.”) Apparently he wants us to know that the intercourse was unprotected and that he is ready for another woman as well. (“bust it open, leave it wet, you know i leave it soakin’/who next I don’t ever close, I stay open”)

After again reminding listeners of the circumstances under which he met the female, YG opines that the promiscuous female fell in love with him and felt stupid when he asked her to leave his house once the sex was over. It is clear at this point that the protagonist likes to kick women out of his home after intercourse.

In the second verse, our protagonist presumably speaks to a new female having booted the previous one. He advances requests to have sex and tells the potential female mate that she should acquiesce to his requests to have sex with her and make her leave afterward. He tells her she should do this because of his status that she is aware of. He insists she knows where she can find him in the aforementioned club.

The protagonist expresses his delight at the potential female finding him attractive and contemplating their future sexual intercourse. This female has invited several of her friends to join the protagonist’s entourage. Once both parties exit the establishment, this new female proceeds to engage in sex, apparently in the position of doggy style. The female involved makes her buttocks cheeks clap together. She and YG engage in intercourse multiple times. But, “only for one night” and then she’s “gotta go.”

The chorus resumes followed by a short banter third verse that reminds us that the protagonist’s female sexual partner(s) had sex with him and was(were) forced to leave his house which resulted in her(their) feeling stupid.

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Toot It And Boot It lyrics
I met her in the club
then I said wassup
I took her to the crib
and you know I fucked
yea toot it and boot it
toot it and boot it
toot it and boot it
thats why I toot and boot it

She think im cute, she wanna have Sex
girl knock it off you know you cant have this

and she told me run that, i told her run it
and she never seen a chick until she met my magic stick
yo im a pimp bitch straight game never no sippin
And after we did it she was walking with a limp
bust it open leave it wet you know i leave it soakin
who next I don’t ever close, I stay open
i met her in the club, you know i was drunk
i asked her name and then i said i wanna fuck
and im YG and you know I fucked
and she fucked back like a little slut
and she fell in love ya
and she felt stupid cuz you know
i toot it and boot it

girl let me toot that boot that stop actin stupid
acting like you dont know me like who that
walked in the club but ill fly things
im in the back girl you know where to find me
and I love how she think im cute
and she dont even wanna tell me what she wanna do
its me and my crew her and her friends
and they all trying to leave with us when the club ends
and she toot it from the back and you know she made it clap
and you know I run it back like
only for one night and she know im on like a switch on light
hey girl I can have you feelin right
I can supply the pipe
just make sure its tight
we can do it all day only for one night
and after that you gotta go

i toot it to the left i toot it to the right
fuck with me we gonna do it all night
i seen a bad bitch i swing my hat back
and after i hit its on my back
cuz i toot it and boot it
and made her feel stupid

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