Bad Guys…You Know You Are A

Good guys just cant be found around here. They smoke and lie. They make girls cry. They get so high. They are bad guys……..

Telling tales of college aged mischief, partying antics and disappointing women – Bleeding Knees Club – are exciting an inner punk within. Aren’t you just ready to play Edward Fortyhands and do something illegal? You should be.

I’ve never met, let alone seen this Club, which is now a trio (used to be a duo)…but I think I’d like to be an honorary member. Dick taps aside – they’re some flat brim rocking, candy eating dudes that shoot hoops at night, eat off paper plates and “get drunk on the roof.” Seem like some bad guys I’d have no problem hanging out with, plus I dig their music and their punk rock ethos.

Extra props for the wolf t-shirt and the taco cameo in the video. Seriously. Extra props.

The group has a record coming out in 2012 on IAMSOUND, but their Virginity EP contains “Bad Guys.”

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