Avalon Hosts Fresh Beats from Daedelus, Avalon & Two Fresh

Some of SUPERGOOD’s favorites are tearing up the scene for Avalon’s club night, Control. In just a few short hours - Daedelus, Nosaj Thing and Two Fresh are bringing their addictive beats to heads in Hollywood.

From opening for DJ Assault, Justice and Two Live Crew to appearing in Erykah Badu’s most recent video, “Honey”, more and more are happily becoming hip to Daedelus. As his reputation is growing, so is his notoriety as being one of the most innovative and technically sound electronic composers in the game. The quirky, self-expressed Alfred Darlington maintains avant-garde elements not only in his often hipster-sheik dress (he often wears unique suits) but also in his beautiful melodic electronic orchestrations with hints of soul, world music, classical, hip-hop, electronic and more. Peep his KEXP DJ set below.

Noted as one of LA’s finest musical creators, Nosaj Thing paints a sonic landscape with his obscure and highly imaginative style. As see when he played Coachella’s Gobi Tent this past year, Nosaj Thing creates an experience for the audience that stimulates both the eyes and ears. Check out his DJ set from KEXP as well.

Also joining this crew of vanguards are DJ duo Two Fresh. Stemming from a hip-hop core, Two Fresh incorporate elements of sampling with their distinct synthesized beats and create music that not only agrees with their name but is undeniably catchy. I am not certain if drummer Colby is joining them tonight or not – but whether he is or is not there – the Nichols twins will melt your face. Get to know Two Fresh in this video of their Summer Camp 2011 experience…

Each of these rising Los Angeles DJ’s will make you take notice as they ooze with innovation in everything they create. With music this legit, Avalon’s Control is a definite hot spot for the night.

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