Multi-Talent Woodkid at Fonda Theatre

You may have heard of Woodkid because you live abroad, you have your ear to the beat street, you’re a video buff, you watch TV and have seen the epic Absolut commercial that features him or you just know and like classically composed dope music.  

Woodkid is actually acclaimed music video director Yoann Lemoine – who was picked up by Interscope and recently released his debut full length album, Golden Age, earlier this month.  Yoann’s passion for the creative arts and his commitment to cinematic art are well documented in his artful, orchestrally rich compositions as well as a handful of his music videos, including Run Boy Run,” “I Love You” and “Iron” (featured below).  To learn more about the talented multi-medium artist, you can check out his brief Absolut documentary and to experience his talents, get tickets to his show at Fonda Theatre this Friday by purchasing them here or attempting to win our giveaway!


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