A Fan’s Friday – @OhSheida ‘s Halloween Weekend

SUPERGOODMUSIC had the privilege of giving away a handful of tickets to some Halloween themed music events around town this weekend (thank you Live Nation, Mike Tunney, Vanguard, Key Club). We gave one special follower, @OhSheida, a full slate of treats in the form of tickets to Miike Snow at Vanguard on Friday and Janelle Monae & Of Montreal at Hollywood Palladium on Saturday night.

Sheida took it the extra mile, stopped at The Roxy for Witch Hunt before Miike Snow and then sent us this bad-ass thank you. Rock on @OhSheida. You are, undoubtedly, a fan of supergoodmusic.


After working a nine hour shift Friday, I didn’t think I’d be able to make it out. I sucked it up and gathered the last bits of energy I had and headed to The Roxy. While standing in line I saw Napolean Dynamite, a few zombies and a couple of penguins waiting to get into The Roxy’s Witch Hunt.

Playing inside was Las Vegas’ rock band, Imagine Dragons. It was their final song and Dragons frontman did not hold anything back. He jumped towards the cymbals and started slapping them. Every time he slapped it, I was getting a burst of energy. Each slap equaled a shot straight to the head. The band made me feel like a snake; their guitarist my personally charmer. After that one song I was ready to let loose.

Up next was Saint Motel. In hindsight, the only thing I wish I did for this show was to learn their lyrics so I could have sang along with the rest of the room. Saint Motel not only kept my ears happy but had some visual eye candy too. They put a spell on me with clips from Hocus Pocus and live shots of them on stage. ‘To My Enemies’ and ‘Dear Dictator‘ were my favorite songs from that night. Look, if there is one thing I want you to take away from this, it’s to support and listen to this LA native band. After their riveting performance, I could’ve been all set for the night but oh no no! It was just getting started…..

Fast forward and I’m now sitting in bumper to bumper traffic driving down hollywood trying to make it to the Vanguard. You’re probably wondering who still plays at Vanguard? Well wonder no more! The boys of Miike Snow had a 90 minute dj set that could’ve lasted twice as long and I still would’ve itched for more. Miike Snow dropped and remixed their very own Black and Blue, Animal and Silvia. As a band, these Swedes are hella talented, and as a DJ group they don’t disappoint either. They know exactly what it takes to have a good time. They took it back to the homeland playing a little Swedish House Mafia and ending the night with Rusko.

It was definitely in my Top 10 Craziest Dance Parties. The crowd at Vanguard isn’t necessarily anything I ever want to be apart of, but that infectious energy that can only be supplied by epic music experiences is. Although I probably won’t head back to the Vanguard again unless I’m accompanied by Miike Snow, all in all, I had an amazing night and I have to shout out and thank Brandon “Supergoodmusic” Dorksy for that.

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