1st Coachella Performance We’re Checking Out Is….WALE

Since checking out the schedule, we’ve had to make some hard decisions on who we’re going to see, who we’re not going to see and when we’re going to attend some of the amazing satellite parties we’ve been hearing about.

One thing is certain though, I’m trying to make Wale my first performance of Coachella 2010. The rising MC, managed by Elitaste, is performing from 2:35 – 3:25 on the Coachella stage, so you’ll hear him when you are walking in the festival grounds. He first popped on my radar at the 2007 MTV I’ve been a fan since before “Nike Boots,” and I imagine if you read this blog, you’ve at least heard of the rapper born Olubowale Victor Akintimehin. If you haven’t heard about Wale, you probably don’t listen to radio, have been absent from the music blogosphere and/or have no love for hip-hop. If you haven’t heard of him – but want to check out a little more about him and hear one of his songs – go to this blog/site - http://mixtapemaestro.net/2010/04/wale-breakup-song.html

The Interscope signed artist released his debut album, Attention Deficit, in November 2009 which featured a few dope singles, including Chillin’ (featuring Lady Gaga) that made its way onto a few SUPERGOODMUSIC mixes and World Tour (featuring Jamie Sullivan) which is on our April Showers Bring Coachella Flowers mix.

He has the lyrics, the beats and the charisma to be a hip-hop staple for a while, so don’t sleep on this opportunity to see him while he is still a rising star…

Article by Brandon “Boom D” Dorsky

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