10 Days of 2010 Halfway through.

Hello my SUPERGOODMUSIC friends.

We are now halfway through the “10 Days of 2010″ at The Viper Room and so far it has been a smashing success.

Brandon “Boom D” Dorsky provided the audience with tunes during his DJ on New Years Day before heading off to JamCruise with the rest of the GRC Crew. On Saturday, SUPERGOODMUSICs official photographer Ashley Sears and I attended on Saturday to see Black Robot and The Royal HIghness bring the heavy metal vibes that make the Sunset Strip famous. On Sunday we headed to The Viper Room to see Mark Foster & The People and The Absolute. Foster really blew the audience away with songs like “Kids” and “Ruby” I think even the audience members who at first were taken back by and surprised by how great the band actually is. You’ll all be hearing big things from them in 2010.

Tonight will be another great night as SUPERGOODMUSIC friends Odd Modern take the stage at the Viper Room for the very first time. They will be joined by Funeral Party, CASXIO and HOTSTREETS, for what will be the most amazing night of dance music The Viper Room as probably ever seen. Be sure to get there early tonight because it is sure to be a very special evening.

And for those of you who attended the Odd Modern Halloween show at my house, don’t be too surprised if bald Britney returns once more.