We originated as a bleeding-heart music fan’s music blog and evolved over time to an artist management and live-event production company.   We helped form the band Foster The People, released “Pumped Up Kicks,” threw parties with artists all before it was their time, from Imagine Dragons and Anderson Paak to Skrillex and Far East Movement.   COVID-19 had different plans for our business then we intended, and we have retreated to our roots of being a music lover’s music blog.

We hope you discover your next favorite band, video, concert experience or song through our site!  With our finger on the pulse of the LA live music scene since 2009 – we’re a helpful resource for navigating through the culture no matter what your musical preferences are (except country – we admittedly don’t know enough about it) or where you may be located.    Subscribe to the Concert Blast for periodic updates on live shows in and around Los Angeles whenever those may return (the Concert Blast has taken a hiatus amid the pandemic).   Follow Brandon Dorsky on Spotify for digs on fresh music.  For information about submitting – please visit our contact page.

This is (some of) what we listened to in 2020: